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The lush tropical look is waiting for you with this package. With an extremely large variety of tropical plants at our disposal, this package will transform your garden. Simply select this package to make your garden look like a tropical holiday and escape to your personal oasis. *Tropical Package not available in Tasmania and South Australia

Tropical Garden Package - Standard

AU$699.00 Regular Price
AU$559.20Sale Price
  • Includes:

    • 2 x 45l &/or 400mm Container Plants
    • 3 x 300mm &/or 25l Container Plants
    • 6 x 200mm Container Plants
    • 12 x 125mm &/or 140mm Container Plants

    Please Note the image pictured does not show the exact plants you receive in your pack. It is merely indicative of the quantity & size of the pots included in each package.

  • To achieve the best results, plant in a cultivated well drained soil.

    If clay soil is present, incorporate a soil conditioner E.G. Gypsum.

    Fertilise with an organic or slow release fertiliser during the spring and summer.  For native plants use a low Phosphate (P) content fertiliser. 

    Water plants daily until plants are established. Water plants more frequently during the warmer, dryer months.

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