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Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo is one of the world’s most popular buffalo grass available. Able to tolerate both shade and direct sun conditions, have made this turf a popular choice.

    Drought tolerant
    Soft leaf
    Shade tolerant
    Requires less mowing and fertilising
    Weed resistant
    Tolerate high traffic

*Please note minimum delivered quantity.

*Please note minimum delivered quantity.

Palmetto Turf Package

  • Minimum Delivery 50m2

    Delivery Charge $77.00

  • First level the area to be turfed with a well-drained top soil.  Lay turf in a staggered pattern similar to brickwork.

    Try not to use thin strips of turf and reduce exposed edges to minimise turf from drying out.  Roll or tamper down turf to remove air pockets from under the turf and achieve maximum root contact with the top soil. 

    Water the turf generously twice daily (more often during the hotter, dryer months) for the first week. Reduce watering after the first week.  After 2 weeks fertilise your turfed area with a popular turf fertiliser.

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