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"Landscape with a Click"


Just bought a house? Perhaps you’ve just built one? What are you going to do about the garden? You could drive out to the nursery, spend all day choosing plants for your garden, hope that they look good, and hope that they survive! Or you could engage Plant A Garden's expert and experienced team to solve all your questions.

Plant A Garden act as a landscaping consultant for your climate and block size, choosing the most suitable plants to suit the look that you’re after. A native garden in Queensland is going to be very different from a native garden in Tasmania, how do you know which plants to choose then, when there’s such a wide variety classed as “natives”. Plant A Garden have years of experience in the landscaping and gardening industry, and know which plants to choose to suit your climate and season, enabling your garden to thrive from the moment you plant it.


Plant A Garden offers a variety of themes and subsequent sizes to suit any property’s gardening needs. Whether for the home or office, whether you prefer cottage, exotic, native, tropical or just turf,  Plant A Garden will give you a beautiful garden that will thrive in your climate! If you do have a particular plant that you would like, we’ll endeavour to have it included in your pack, but depending on the season and climate you are in, we can’t make any promises!  However, we’re one of the few garden nursery providers that can deliver assurance that our plants are pest and disease free.


So why wait any longer to have a beautiful garden?  Simply call us and let us create for you!

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