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"Your Personal Gardening Guru"

JAMA Horticultural Consulting & Design Services - Full Scale Design Process


STAGE 1: Initial Consultation - taking the design brief.  

This is where we discuss concepts, style and your vision for the garden. We take into account your lifestyle, wishlists, maintenance requirements and budget. Maybe you already have your own design ideas and are eager to see them formalised on paper but need a little guidance or maybe you have absolutely no idea! Not a problem. We show you a comprehensive folio of pictures and inspiring design ideas to help you visualise possibilities for your new garden.

We then give you a written estimate of the design fee either on the day or via email.


Drafting/design fees are charged at $80 per hour.

Once the design fee has been approved by you, a $500 deposit is required to commence work upon a concept plan.


The site is thoroughly assessed, measured and digital images taken to assist with the design process.

Plans range from simple planting plans to comprehensive structural designs; including contractor notes on hard landscaping detail, plant care and soil requirements.

Note: design fee estimates may vary if extensive changes are required after concept plan is presented. (please refer to STAGE 2.)


Fee: $150 per hour, 2 hour minimum for consultation plus $500 plan deposit to commence drafting of concept plan.

Payment by cash or cheque at consultation.


STAGE 2: Presentation of concept plan/layout

A concept layout plan is emailed/posted to you a few weeks after the initial consultation. Amendments are made if necessary. Structural/hard landscaping materials and plantings are discussed in more detail in preparation for the final design.

At a time convenient to you, we discuss any changes, additions or amendments and feedback to your design. This may be via phone, email or in person.


Fee: onsite meeting $150 per hour. Phone/email meeting: $80 per hour.


Throughout the design process, we will liaise closely with you as your design is being formulated and drawing has commenced.

Please note, the cost for any onsite meetings is not included in initial plan estimate.


STAGE 3: Plan presentation.

  • Presentation and discussion of the final plan. This may be via phone, email or in person. You will receive a comprehensive hard landscaping plan and a coloured planting design. Landscaper referrals are given if required.

  • Optional: a plantings maintenance schedule is available which shows detailed plant cultural notes (ie how to look after each plant) tailor made for your design. Fee = $15 per page. Please note, this fee is not included within initial plan estimate.


Fee: Final account balance paid by cash, cheque or via direct credit prior to plan presentation.



Jama offer three levels of consultations to suit your requirements.


LEVEL 1 – advice only – charged as and when needed on an hourly basis.


Do you need inspiration or ideas? Don't know what you should plant to suit the climate and soil in your garden?  Have a simple gardening question you would like answered or a problem area in your garden you’d like to fix?    Perhaps you are you thinking of selling and would like to spruce up your street appeal & maximise your sale price

A professional consulting service with our dedicated Horticulturist Jim & designer Michelle is just what you need.   From basic consulting on plants, soil, grass & problem solving to total garden design planning we have all your needs covered. With over 30 years professional experience and a lifetime interest in gardening Jim can answer any question you may have from what plant will grow where, what could be eating your veges, to why your favourite plant is looking sad and with a lifetime of experience in design with a special interest in practical use of space, Michelle can rejuvenate your underutilised outdoor areas and make you love it again.

This level 1 consultation is held onsite & charged at $150/hour with a minimum of 1 hour for the first onsite visit. 

Subsequent visits are charged at $150/hour with any phone consultations charged at $80/hour.

This is where a full garden design plan is not needed. Practical solutions are offered and clients are welcome to take their own notes.

Payment is by cash or cheque at end of consultation. Travelling fee may apply depending on location – as a general guide, areas south of Brisbane River, north of the Qld/NSW border and east of the Gold Coast Hinterland are included in the base fee however please call to discuss your requirements.


LEVEL 2 - detailed consultation with scaled sketch plan.

A level 2 consultations will offer more than just ideas and can be an economical solution if you are simply looking for answers to what to plant in a small outdoor space with layout ideas and a simple planting plan.

This can usually be achieved on the day, for the price of a consultation however we would need a scaled sketch plan prepared by you to keep your costs down.


What you need to do:

  • Measure your garden, drawing a rough layout of the area; giving the measurements of garden beds/paths and existing features you want to keep including trees, sheds, ponds/water features and paved areas. Use a 1.100 scale. This means 1cm on the paper = 1m on the ground.

  • Jama will then help you fill in the blanks, bringing portfolios, pictures and ideas to help you to visualise the possibilities for your garden.


Fee: $150 per hour, 2 hour minimum. Payment by cash or cheque at end of consultation.

A travelling fee may apply depending on location.


LEVEL 3 - Prelude to full scale design.

This is for those clients that need a comprehensive detailed design and plan – for example if you have just built a house and need the garden designed for you, or you may feel that it is time for a comprehensive makeover for your existing garden.  This comprehensive Level 3 consultation is to enable us to gather all necessary information required to prepare a full scale design and plan including soil testing, plant recommendations, planting schedule & quotes (Jama can offer discounts on current retail prices), ongoing maintenance guidelines,  all assistance given to relevant authorities in the obtaining of council approvals (if necessary required for structures etc), irrigation design plus all relevant advice as per Level 1 & 2 above.


Fee: $150 per hour, 2 hour minimum. Payment by cash or cheque at end of consultation.

A travelling fee may apply depending on location.


For details of our a full scale design please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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